Why you need a permit

Building Permits are required for even the smallest of jobs, such as trimming a tree, all the way up to the multi-million dollar high-rise project. A job, or project, can require from one to even hundreds of building permits depending on the complexity of the project and what agencies are required to approve the project. As a property owner, or even as a contractor, you may acquire a permit for a project from your local South Florida Building Department not knowing that the project may also require additional building permits or approvals from County, State or Federal agencies. Failure to obtain the proper permits can delay a project, or stop it all together, all at a substantial cost to the property owner.

The various municipalities and Governmental agencies have different requirements, forms and processes. Failure to follow their procedures, supply the necessary back-up documentation and submit the proper forms will delay the building permit acquisition process. Expect long lines, typical governmental customer service, and if your paper work is improper, a very long day.

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